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Puzzles - so much fun


Puzzles - a great way to develop your child's attention, concentration, problem solving, and a whole lot of visual perceptual skills.

Puzzle Tips - 1) Keep up with your child's development, if they are doing insert puzzles well, move them onto simple 4pc puzzles, and keep moving onwards and upwards. 2) Puzzles are a great activity to do together. Give prompts and help but don't do it for them. "Oh look there is part of Winnie's face, where is the other bit?" 3) Have a range and keep them rotating, swap with friends etc, keeps them interested as well as keeping them problem solving. 4) Get a bargain. My favourite places to get a puzzle bargain is The Toy Outlet and Silky Oaks Opp Shop (they have a toy stand at the monthly car boot sale as well where I often get some).