Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Play Learn Bloom Developmental Therapies was established by Natalie Kaiser. Natalie is an occupational therapist who is passionate about practically assisting parents maximise their child's potential. Play Learn Bloom's vision is to help children, through play, reach their developmental and learning potential and bloom.

Natalie Kaiser
B Eng (Medical), M OT (2003)

Natalie has many years experience working as a paediatric occupational therapist in community health. She is also a mother to a delightful nine year old boy and a spirited six year old girl. She has worked with children of a variety of ages and developmental difficulties. Natalie has a passion for working together with children and parents and to see them being able to practically follow out strategies at home and school to help the child reach their full potential.

She has experience working with children who have
• Sensory Processing Difficulties
• Learning Disabilities
• Autism/ Aspergers syndrome/ PDD/NOS
• Various physical disabilities
• Developmental Delay
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Motor coordination problems – gross and fine motor
• Handwriting concerns
• Various syndromes

Developing Full Potential through Play & Learning