Developing Full Potential through Play & Learning


Occupational therapy at Play Learn Bloom is designed to assist children to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their day to day living. Occupational therapists working with children may address and enhance:

  • Self care skills, e.g. dressing, eating and toileting

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills

  • Executive function, e.g. organization and planning assignments

  • Attention and memory

  • Play skills

  • Self regulation skills and behaviour

  • Helping children achieve their developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Educating and involving parents, carers and others to facilitate the normal development and learning of children.

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Assessments are available to help identify the child's strengths and weaknesses. Different assessments are used depending on a child's age and areas of difficulty.

Informal assessments are available for children 0-4 years, or children that have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. This will help parents and therapists identify areas to assist the child in therapy and at home.

Formal assessments are available for children 4-8 years. These assessments identify strengths and weaknesses in relation to their peers. This will help parents, teachers and therapists identify areas to improve and assist their child reach their full potential.


Play Learn Bloom provides treatment that is family centered and practical. Working with parents we establish goals for treatment to help facilitate a child's outcomes of therapy. Parent involvement is essential in helping children reach their full potential. This includes identifying goals to work on, inclusion in therapy sessions and completing home activities.

Treatment then focuses on modifying tasks, teaching new skills, parent and teacher education, enhancing current strengths and creating 'just right' challenges.


Group education sessions are available for parents or educators. Talks available include: Fine Motor Development, Prep Readiness, and Promoting Your Child's Independence. Further topics may also be available, please contact us to discuss your groups needs.

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