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So most of my posts about getting Set for School have not been about the academic skills required but assisting the social-emotional and self-help skills. This is because it has been shown that children thrive better in the school environment when these skills are developed and their anxiety is reduced.

Therefore this post is not about encouraging your pre-Prepper to write but to expose them to the correct writing style. Let them see you writing, so that when they learn it in a few weeks, they know it is an important skill and have seen this type of writing before.

For older children, sometimes there is a summer slide over the school holidays. If you want to get out there and do some writing before getting back into school, make it fun! Write in trays of rice, in the sandpit, in the mud at the waterfront, on the shower screen wall, get them used to writing again!

Also, if you want to continue to practice your child's writing at home, and they are struggling to recall formations, my handwriting sheets on TeacherPayTeachers may assist.