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{SET FOR SCHOOL} {GO INDEPENDENT} So you've bought the new lunchboxes and drink bottles, but can your child open them? Here's another dress rehearsal to practice this week, to give time to iron out the tricky bits. Pack your child's lunch box as you normally would for school and their drink bottle and head to the park for a picnic. See how they go with opening the lunch box and drink bottle, giving tips on how to make it easier. Also check how they go with packets and smaller containers. These can be tricky. The new fad of Bento boxes, does help reduce the need for these, but developing their finger strength to open them is still important. Did you know that a zigzag top packet is normally made to be a pinch-pinch-tear down to open and a straight edged packet is a pinch-pinch-pull apart to open?? This can be a great tip to teach your child.