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Dress rehearsal.

A dress rehearsal is a great idea to check out how your child goes managing the buttons, zips, clasps and laces prior to the first morning of school. Usually the first morning is a bit stressful and time poor, so not a great moment for teaching.

Have a day this week, where you have a slow get dressed morning, where you practice the buttons, check if there is any tricky zippers or buttons. Work out solutions for going to the toilet and getting changed after swimming (I know for my first, we actually never did the button up on his shorts, just used the clasp to make it easier to go to the toilet). Practice the shoes and socks.

If you are heading onto laced shoes this year, it is also a good idea to have a slower day, where they wear their laced shoes all day and have frequent opportunities to learn to lace them, without the pressure of getting out the door at a particular time.