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Set for School #1


Do you have a child friendly drawing/writing space in your home? This might be something to consider as your child starts school this year. It may not necessarily be for homework, but to give the opportunity for children to continue to practice drawing and writing at home in a fun way. A few pencils, a few colouring, activity books and paper, can encourage children to engage in writing and drawing by themselves.

Maybe writing notes to their friends, experimenting with cutting or drawing or letter writing. When children have an easy space that is prepared for them, it makes it easier to engage with, rather than having to ask mum for pencils and paper and sit at a table too big for them (eg. dining room table).

A child friendly space also allows for correct posture. Children sit better and can use pencils more efficiently when their feet are flat, back straight & knees, hips and elbows at about 90deg. If having a small table and chair is not possible at your place, have a think about how you can adjust your adult sized tables and chairs to be more suitable for your child.