The activity ideas given on this page are general in nature and are not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please supervise your child during all activities and use parental discretion to assess whether it suits your child.

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Good posture essential


A good sitting position is essential for good control of the hands for writing and drawing. It is important to consider your child's desk and chair set up so that it encourages a more upright, stable posture. This will help your child's overall attention and endurance for handwriting and homework tasks.

What to aim for: * table approximately elbow height so your child’s neck and shoulders are relaxed * bottom at the back of the chair (or place a cushion at the back of the chair if chair too deep) * thighs parallel to the floor * feet resting flat on the floor (or on a footrest/phonebooks) * hips, knees and ankles at a 90 degree angle * chest forward but clear of the desk * both forearms resting easily on the table * eyes at least 30cm from the table top. * back fairly straight