Bulls and china don't go together especially well, and playing the game Bull in a China Shopwill only strengthen that prejudice. The players collect china cards, and the collection grows through additional purchases. But players must take bull cards in order to make more purchases, and bulls can lead to embarrassing consequences for their china collection, and therefore their score. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by collecting china cards.

A short description of the game: Five bull cards and five china cards (in three flavors: red, blue and green) are laid out. On a turn you either (1) pay money and buy china, (2) take an bull (which might destroy your china) and earn money, or (3) pass, which you can do only once a game. The game has four scoring rounds, during which you choose one out of four scoring options; each option can be chosen only once. After four rounds, the high score wins.

Bull in a China Shop